Referral Process


The basic elements of supported contact are:


Staff and volunteers are available for assistance but there is no close observation, monitoring or evaluation on individual contact/conversations;

Several families are usually together in one room:

There is encouragement for families to develop a level of mutual trust and to consider more satisfactory family venues or arrangements:

Apart from attendance dates and times, no detailed reports will be made to the referrer, solicitor, Social worker or Court welfare Officers or Courts, unless there is a risk of harm to the child, parent or MUCCC personnel:

There is an acknowledgement that usage of MUCCC should be viewed as a temporary measure to be reviewed after an agreed period of time:

Please do not refer a family without first contacting the MUCCC Co-ordinator to check availability of space and time.

A completed referral form should be received by the MUCCC, at least one week in advance prior to the date you wish contact to commence. In the event of a waiting list, a completed referral form should be sent and you will be notified when a place becomes available.

Please ensure that both parties are aware of arrangements and that they have received and understand MUCCC literature and ground rules.

Only those people named on the referral form will be permitted to use MUCCC. This can be varied by written agreement between the parties and notification to MUCCC.

Parents are responsible for their children at all times whilst they are in MUCCC.

To ensure and maintain a friendly, impartial environment, we would request that you do not ask to see your clients on our premises without prior agreement.

Only dates and times of a family attendance will be disclosed unless it is felt that anyone using MUCCC, (including our personnel) is at risk of harm. In the unlikely event of it becoming necessary to quote a MUCCC user or personnel in a report, the form of words should be checked and agreed with the Centre and the named individual beforehand.

MUCCC provide supported contact only and as such will not accept a referral when someone has been involved or convicted of any offence relating to abuse against children, unless there are exceptional circumstances and they have sought appropriate professional help and the risk assessment indicates that supported contact is suitable for this family.

MUCCC reserve the right to reduce or terminate contact if it is felt to be in the interest of the child.

Parents should be informed that the child’s welfare is paramount. There may be times when contact cannot occur if the child is too upset, even if there is a contact order.

Referrers should make arrangements for the provision of an interpreter where English is not the first language of the family involved and problems with communication may occur. MUCCC cannot meet the cost of interpreters.

MUCCC should be viewed as a stepping-stone, a temporary facility to help establish contact. MUCCC will be asking for your assistance to review the family’s progress after six months. If a longer period is required MUCCC will consider this request alongside other priorities.

Finally it is really important that you advise MUCCC of any changes in contact arrangements. MUCCC will hold the placement only for three weeks, unless referrers or families advise us of difficulties i.e. due to illness, family holidays or change of circumstances.

Due to demand on our services it is essential that you advise us and ensure that families inform MUCCC and the other party if they cannot attend for a contact session. This will ensure that children and/or parents do not arrive for contact sessions unnecessarily.

All correspondence should be addressed to MUCCC Co-ordinator:

Mrs. Vanessa Haddon
Mid Ulster Child Contact Centre
Gortalowry House
94 Church Street
BT80 8HX
Telephone 028 867 67777

MUCCC is based at Gortalowry House and run a Magherafelt session weekly. We are open each Saturday morning between 11am – 1pm There is a Wednesday session @ Gortalowry House 6.00-7.30pm Mobile Number 07518303514 Saturday in Magherafelt @Adult Centre, Hospital Road, Magherafelt 10-12.00 Mobile 07709058383

MUCCC offers supported contact and handover. Supported contact takes place in a neutral venue where there are facilities to enable children to develop and maintain positive relationships with non-resident parents and other family members. Supported Child Contact Centres are suitable for families when no significant risk to the child or those around the child has been identified.

  • Submit a Referral

    Referrals can be submitted online using the link below, or alternatively you can download the form and return to Mid Ulster Child Contact Centre

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    All correspondence should be sent to:

    The Centre Co-Ordinator
    Mid Ulster Child Contact Centre
    Gortalowry House
    94 Church Street
    BT80 8HX